Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hack Map DotA

Hello everyone, Garena Master 2.16 has been released!
- Emergency fix to improve server high load
- Updated Taglog (ph) language
- Updated all languages, removed the outdated feature from the list: Increase room limit from 225 to 235
- Added new option: Safe maphack (with that you can disable the protection added on v2.02 that make maphack safer, but can cause conflict with third party tools, DO AT YOU OWN RISK!)
- Added new 3 new lines to language Englisn and Portuguese, help us translate it to all other languages!!:
_safe_maphack_title = “Safe Maphack”
_safe_maphack_enabled = “Enable”
_safe_maphack_info = “This feature improve the anti-detection on Maphack, but can conflict with third party tools.”,””,”Disable it at your own risk.”
Translated it to your language? edit the file on \Config\Languages\[Your_Language].ini and send it to us in:

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